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Amazing food and service. Come often for a lovely takeaway and a catch up with the staff. All staff are frendly and really welcoming.The food is amazing and have never have a problem with. BEST CURRY AND MUSHROOMS IN BALHAM !!!!

Callum Edwards

The food is really tasty and the takeaway thali deal is a bargain, when my friends come to stay they always want to get a thali takeaway. My favourites are the beef matale, chilli chicken, and the daal. Staff are friendly there too.


Fantastic meal Best value Will recommend to anyone who'll listen


As a Sri Lankan thought the service was spot on but felt the food could have been a bit more spicier and more flavoursome. I would have preferred the fried fish to have been fresh King fish rather than Jack fish and more spicier. However the lamb kotthu was spot on.It would have been nice to see pittu, Sothi and hoppers on the menu too. I would also have used Sri Lankan charlottes and fresh green chillies and curry leaves in the fried aubergine salad with a touch of lime juice

Dilan Bernard

one of my favourite restaurants EVER! seriously fantastic food and run by such friendly guys. i have moved out of the area recently and miss it so much! you won't be disappointed.


We had some food delivered and it was out of this world! Very tasty and excellent quality,will definitely be ordering from here again 10/10


Food is always amazing - staff are friendly, helpful, and committed. Affordable too!


Food is absolutely yummy! Staff are friendly as, and it's byo so great value - highly recommended.

Alison Bradley

Always great food and a warm welcome. We love Ale

Daniel Brandon

Fantastic food, really lived the Dahl and the Jaffna coconut lamb tonight!


Our first visit to the restaurant good variety of food.it won't be our last visit!


Amazing service and delicious food.will definitely be back:)


Thank you Great service . Great quality food.


Food was not very hot and dishes could have been explained.the wine need to be colder but the food was very very tasty!


Great place Top people.


Really enjoyed our meal,staff are lovely. I hope you become busier!


I enjoyed the food and nice atmosphere of the restaurant .


Beautiful food, excellent service and atmosphere! We will come again!


Love your food service!keep it up.x


Great food.could be spicier.good smiles.


Very good food,a set meal or more guidance on the specialities would help


Lovely kottu.x


Lovely, fresh food and great atmosphere.


Love the cocktail, brilliant service, food tasty, well spiced, succulent .had really lovely time


My favourite take out place in South West London with the loveliest staff. The Tiffin is excellent value and I'm a huge fan of the fried aubergine dish. All the main meat dishes are delicious. Top marks!


Very nice food great service and we will defiantly be returning to try the rest of the menu!


Nice atmosphere,decor.friendly attentive service.great jack fish


Very nice atmosphere and nice decoration.more veggie option would be nice in future.. Ale and spice said will introduced soon.




Compliment to the chef.


Thank you for the complementary drink,




Great thanks


Wold be good to have non-alcoholic cocktails.


Lovely selection of beers.excellent food


Amazing food, amazing service,amazing admosphere. Best waiter ever!


Top marks for the waiter.

Richard Tasker

Looked forward the next visit.

David Want

Food was wonderful, just as the time before when I had take away for my husband.And the service was sheer delight.Thank you!

linda Heiden

So glad you opened up again. Please stay!


Very friendly welcome and good service. Complimentary drinks appreciated!

John Swan

Well balanced selection for thali.

Jonathan Freeman

Thank you. Music was great. Food was very delicious. Will be back.

Aileen Rouwe

First time visitor. Pleasantly surprised! Excellent and tasty food.

Dr. Wickremasingae

We had a wonderful meal the staff were all brilliant.

Julie McArdle

Staff were very attentive, the food was really nice and the price was really reasonable.

Delia McArdle

Pleasant surroundings, very clean with a relaxed atmosphere.

David Moorcroft

Excellent. We will come back again to Ale

Cathy Moorcroft

Friendly, welcoming place. Liked thalis and opportunity to taste small amounts of different dishes.

Janet Blencowe

Service was excellent. Nice atmosphere. Will be back. :)


Really lovely, thank you! :)

Ellie H., Reshina Chari

Meat and fish dishes were really lovely.

Helen Burgun

Very welcoming staff. Very pleasant.

Vimbai Mavunga

Best Sri Lankan food and curry I have eaten outside of the emerald isle! Great service.

John Ryan

My first taste of Sri Lankan food and will definitely be coming here again!

Felicity Abbott

Great service. Lovely beer.

John Nidley

Very pleased to see a Sri Lankan restaurant in the area!

Nina Girling

Good to find such nice food.


All the dishes had an unique flavour. Delicious! Glad that the menu is clearly marked with the hotness of the dishes identified.

Patricia Griffiths

This was our first time here. It won't be the last. Thank you!

Peter Griffiths

Food was good! Service was excellent, polite and quick.

Lauren Heeter

Very friendly staff. I will come again, with my Sri Lankan parents-in-law!

A. Gibson

It's great to have you back - we were missing your lovely food!

Anita Conradi

Really nice food, very authentic and nice atmosphere and good service.

Rosie Bell

Main courses were excellent (very tasty).

Matthew Brown

Very friendly and nice Sri Lankan hospitality.

Trisha Bell

Amazing vegetarian thali! Will definitely be back! Best curry place in Balham!

Adam Sharpe

Great restaurant! We are new to the area and will definitely return.

Ilona Edwards

Great local restaurant!

Daniel Bolton

Fantastic food, big amounts and the best service in Balham! Would definitely recommend and will be back soon. Thank you!

Daisy Marlowe

Very gentle and attentive service. Welcoming feel. Delicious masala sauce!

Adam Elliott

Very cosy warm. Nicely presented food.

Maria Bergersen

Very nice twist on Sri Lankan classics, but would have preferred it to be spicier! The devilled mutton, dhal and pulled pork were excellent.

Kanishka Wattage

Excellent, especially the pulled pork.

Moira Harbord

Best service

Heinricht Rensburg

Glad you stayed, but in new premises. Great food. Thanks.

Jonathan Clatworthy

The food was fantastic! Really enjoyed the variety of the thali and will definitely come back again!

Paul Hirschfeld

Quality of the food is excellent. Jackfish delicious.

Bob Taylor

Fabulous! Beautiful food. Thali - every dish was lovely. Loved the cocktail. Friendly and educated staff!

Jenny Boreham

Tasty food

Martin Gilbey

Relaxing meal, very enjoyable!

Zena Davidson

Very pleasant - overall excellent. Thank you.

G. Hancock, Priscilla Mendes, Phillip Law, Alexander

Delicious, fantastic food! Very good and very tasty.

Matt Tucker, Ian Williams, Gemna Full, Bola Shoderu

Good luck in taking this forward! We are very pleased you came back!

Victoria McWilliam

Very good food, excellent service. Will come back regularly.

Noele Rigot

The best curry flavor that I have ever tasted. Love the honey beer.


Really lovely! Thank you for a great evening.

Kristin Thoreson

Tad more spice? But my partner disagrees. Very tasty! Good beer selection!

Matt Murdoch

Very good food. Excellent service. Thank you so much.


The food, fantastic! So good I felt I had to leave a review. Incredible value for such tasty dishes. Didn't realise it was hop and spice, will visit again.


An excellent meal. Well presented food, top rate. Will come again!

Jenny McDade

Great food

Jim Sutton

We had a really lovely meal. The food was very tasty.

Charlotte Judge

Lovely meal and service. Thank you!

Rebecca Crowe

Excellent kottu - love the food!!

Gary Cottingham

Starters were excellent; main dishes were a little not hot enough.

Colin Iles

Decor is great! Had a fantastic evening.

Peter Fisher

Excellent food, very interesting and unusual selection.

Judi Grant

Good food, but too much rice. Otherwise, an enjoyable visit.

P. Quayle

The soup was excellent, not oily. Very nice.


Very pleased to have a great Sri Lankan restaurant back in Balham.

Nicky Gray

Great to have found you!

James Littmann

Very good food - good choice of dishes for vegetarians.

Jill Roberts

Dessert was very nice. Service was excellent. Lovely mocktail and thanks for the smarties - nice touch!

Frances Cheverton

Had the salmon and the beef dish - quite nice! Appreciate the free popadum.

James Fearnley

Very nice Sri Lankan food. We'll be back.

Chris Rijs

Really nice thali. Would recommend.

Lucie Custance

Keep promoting the restaurant guys! It's great! See you again :)

Shruti Barton

Delicious beef matale dish. Hope you get more customers!

Ania Oprawska

As a first time customer I felt welcome and was well looked after. Definitely will come back again.

Lemmy Peter

Chilli chicken was delicious. Vara was a little too mild. Excellent and friendly service!

Peter Ellison

I was introduced by a friend. Very good.

Aidan Steer

Friendly - would like to see busier. Maybe lower lighting, partially cover the windows - more inviting to come in. Good food. Good service.

Rosey Barker

Very friendly service, great food.

Gerry Nicolaas

Amazing - definitely coming back!


Loved the food, we had thali - maybe would have loved it more if we ordered more! All good.


Favourite restaurant!

Simon Gregg

Food was amazing and ales were great. Look forward to coming back!

Julia Powrie

Loved everything - we'll definitely be back!

Marc Roberts

We had thali - very nice flavours.

David Want

Lovely food - very tasty and a great selection. Very attentive service. Would definitely recommend - thank you!


Glad to have a local Sri Lankan restaurant again! Food was very delicous, and the staff was wonderful.

Max Dowler

Food is superb!! Loved the variety of the menu.

Matthew Spencer

Very good, especially the dahl and masala chicken. Warm welcome as we will return.

Noele Rigot

In general very good. Devilled pork and dahl were excellent. Friendly welcome :) We will be back!

James Christian

Excellent presentation and flavour.

Sam Grayston

Food took a bit longer to arrive - but it was worth the wait as it was very good (we had thalis). Service very helpful and friendly!

Michael Edwards

We are so happy you've re-opened as we love the food. Excellent waiting staff. We used to love smarties in a shot glass.

Anna Arnold

Never tried Sri Lankan food before - really beautiful!

Vix Grady

Fantastic food, great staff. Congratulations!!

Saul Reuben

Really tasty, authentic and very fresh. Will come again.

Ramona Langlais

We enjoyed dining in your restaurant! The curries were very tasty. Overall, it was very nice.


Worth the money. Very polite staff, fantastic food. Would come here again. Thank you.


Yummy! Thanks :)

Samantha Edwards

Great food! Nice decor and really good service!

Sean Curran

Great experience and lovely staff.

Alison Shaw

Loved the food - delicate and spicy; great selection. Will return.

Collette Watts

Unique menu. Well cooked food. Very good selection of beers.

Tim Thurston

Food tasted delicious, was beautifully spiced.

Rachel Cowdrey

Glad to see you back!

M.Powell Jones, Ian Rotland

Very pleased you are open again - everything was perfect!

Nicola Salmon

Love the chicken kottu rotti! We're very happy you are here/back. We hope you do well and we will spread the word. Hopefully you can raise your profile to be busy. We will be back - thank you!


Enjoyed the thali layout, food was great!

Nicholas Davies

Too much rice! But everything was very tasty. Thank you.

Deanna Hickey

Very delicious meal; I prefer the new Ale and Spice to Hop and Spice!

Matthew Brown

Fabulous food and lovely service.

Jessica Sykes

A really enjoyable evening :) Thank you - delicious food. Just one piece of advice - a bit ambiance could be achieved by dimming the lights; it's very bright in the restaurant.

Katie Moore

Thank you very much, delicious meal and wonderful service.. We'll be back! :)

Jenny Anderton

Very enjoyable meal and brilliant service. Aubergine salad was a bit oily for my taste, but otherwise excellent.

Duncan Tune

Really good meal and lovely staff! We'll be back!

Ben Norland

Lovely food and service, brought back fond memories of a trip to Sri Lanka. Thank you, we will be back. P.S. We love the Estate rice.

Rosie Gaunt-Mathieson

My one suggestion is that it would be nice to have hot plates to eat from. But it was fabulous! The cocktail was lovely! Thank you.

Sarah Miller

Warm plates please. Possibly a towel to wipe the hands too. Food was very good - keep it up!

Stuart Miller

Excellent smiling service will be back again soon.

Chris Ziarmann

Lovely food and service will let my friends know.


Excellent service, staff and food.will definitely come back (thumbs up)

John Castle

Lovely meal ..We'll back!


Thankya Sri Lanka!


V Good .Come back.


Delicious food and friendly service .Thank You.


Delicious food !

Charlene Elvin

Welcome back to Balham.

Pete hancocu

Nice to have you here .Good luck


Really enjoyed our meal Thank you! unfortunately there was no spinach but hopefully next time we come we will able to order it! Thank you!


Lovely Meal!


Very friendly staff .we will come back soon for 7 Thalis.


Very attractive thalis .Lovely Food.


Everything was perfect


Very nice flavours.


We were very happy when we saw you were opening.we loved your cuisine at Hop & spice

Emma Carey

Look forward to a time with you become very busy .Good Luck.

Leroy mcKenna

Possibly too much on the menu.Maybe add Dosa?Vegetarian Dishes were very good.

Dr.K.R Chaudhuri

Fish and Vegetables very good .Especially loved the vegetables soup!! Thanks for welcome cocktail


Really Nice Thali. Would recommend


Picked up two tiffin meals tonight amazing meal. Great value. Thank you!!! Willa be back soon!!

The Doctor And Daughter's Guide

Thanks everyone for a nice lunch and for joining me in investigating a new place! Hope you had fun!? I thought the food had lovely flavour and being able to order the Thali sizes allowed for us to try a great variety (but the drinks menu tried too hard for a curry house! ;) )

Kathryn l (The Tooting curry club)

Had a great time - super choice of thali - lovely meal and. Afternoon - looking forward to the next one x

Lona Tait ( The Toothing curry club)

Great Matara coconut chicken and beef matale,Also graet cocktail as a starter .


I really enjoyed the food .It was very tasty and not too hot .the service was excellent and the food was quickly served.

Chris Asaipillai

delicious Great portion size nice atmosphere .Good luck!!

Fran Asaipillai

We had a great time again..

Anthony Fennelly

I love curry Num Num Num in my tummy!

James Swinford

Good food Excellent service...


Very nice food and friendly service.We will come back!


Really delicious curry!

C Barnett

Great food ,above expectation.We live down the road ,It's nice to have srilankan Restauran so nearby....

Delger Enkhbayar

Lovely food-Great first impression!

Becky Daniel

Excellent Flavor -Loved the Thali option.


A lovely Srilankan Restaurant!Great Thali!


A bit chilly in the restaurant,pulled pork was bit tough.salmon was amazing,tender and succulent.

Antony Bailey


Sandy Wood

Great tasty food .excellent service.

Mark wood

Loved it !very friendly and high quality food and beer,What more could you want?!

Steve Allison

Put some picture on the wall!food and staff are lovely!

Liz Allison

Warm Plates would be nice....! not enough Paneer in pea and panner.....

Nicole Donne

Excellent food .Ambiance could be better ....Dull light Please.Thanks


Great to see the restaurant back-loved the food .Can we have the pulled pork same as before?

Nicola Miowinter



Great food and Beer selection!Nice reminder of our trip to Sri Lanka!will be back.


Very Impressed!


Nice addition to local restaurant,looking forward to trying more dishes,

Nicola Vinson

I will be back to try other dishes on your menu.


Excellent food and service bit of feedback would be that the lights are bright-may be slightly overhead or dimmed slightly ! otherwise We love your restaurant.


High and tasty food served in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere Thank you ! Lighting a bit bright -It would be more atmosphere if it was a bit darker.


I love Ale and spice


Lovely meal Thank you!


Super food -Thanks


Great to have a sri lankan restaurant back in Balham.Please dim lighting in the restaurant,


Love the food . Glade you are back! however,there are thing this place needs is more moody lighting so perhaps dip the light more get scene candles.


Very fresh, nice portions great service!!


Thank you for a lovely evening.The food and service was lovely.


Lovely food


Excellent food,love coconut lamb and pudding.will be back.


Lovely atmosphere and delicious food .we will be back.10/10 for all....


Lovely food and service, brought back fond memories of a trip to Sri Lanka. Thank you, we will be back soon. PS: We loved the estate rice. Rating for Food: 10/10 Service:10/10 Atmosphere:10/10


Best food in Balham! Very much enjoyed our first visit....

Ben Howarth

I had takeaway yesterday, it was called 'quick tiffen' and was absolutely fabulous. Chilli chicken, paratha, plain rice, potato and papadom were a delicious combination. I just paid £8.99 for all of them and a wonderful cocktail on the house was offered with some snack for free while I was waiting, I will definitely recommend it to all my friends. Well done guys!


I loved the BEEF briyani, it was as spicy as i thought it should be..i would definitely recommend this to my friends 05/01/2014

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